Hiring Counsel

An attorney may be hired for a number of different reasons; whether you wish to retain legal counsel, a trustee or a consultant. 

You may have been injured by a dog bite, a slip and fall or a motor vehicle accident and need help working with insurance companies to collect paid medical and out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages, and for pain and suffering.

The financial stress of a serious injury can be insurmountable.  Financial stress is a major factor in breakups leading to divorce.  Divorce counsel can help you distribute your assets, help with a parenting plan, and help with a fair dissolution agreement.  If you are already divorced you may be able to request a modification in your alimony due to a reduction in income from an injury.  If you are not married and are separated, you may need a custody agreement for your children.  

If you were the cause of a motor vehicle accident you may have to defend against a criminal charge.  That charge may include driving under the influence and a traffic violation related to your driving.  Counsel may be able to get your charges lowered, enter you into a diversionary program or help mitigate the charges against you by explaining factors related to your specific charge.

Whether you are single, married, or divorced, you may have assets you wish to protect for your loved ones.  Even if you have no family, you may have a charity or nonprofit you want to help.  You may need help planning your estate to determine how to distribute your property. You may wish to give an outright transfer of property, keep a life estate, create a Last Will and Testament or use a Trust agreement.  We can administrate your Estate with the probate court or even act as your Trustee.  If you are an heir at law, we can review the Last Will and Testament and the manner in which it was prepared if you wish to contest a Last Will and the proposed beneficiary.

You may wish to purchase, sell or refinance a property.  We can help you draft the contract for sale, prepare the sale documents, or review your bank documents or mortgage modification agreement for any refinance so you close on the transaction.  If you wish to create a company, transfer a business as part of the process we can do so. If you setup that business and need help to secure or collect on a debt, create a billing and collection process, or need someone to file a cause of action to foreclose on a debt owed, we can do so. 

In some instances that Last Will and Testate devised an ongoing business, which needs to continue. This may require administrative filings, a real estate closing, and the probating of the estate. We can help with an administrative filing such as an application, permit or to request an opinion on how to comply with an ordinance, statute or regulation. 

That ongoing business may own properties with a tenants.  Your tenant may not want to pay his rent.  You may need counsel to evict the tenant.  If the unit is vacant you may need to find a tenant.  If you do find a tenant, counsel can help you negotiate the terms.  Some commercial tenants will require a subrogation agreement or certain lease provisions. Your attorney can help explain the terms so you can make an informed decision.  That tenant may wish to purchase the property in the future and you may need to provide a first right of refusal or an option to purchase.  Sometimes you may want to get involved in the business or partially finance the sale. 

Whether you want to file a claim, defend against a claim, purchase, sell or refinance a property, or plan how to distribute your property an attorney can help you through the process.  We can help you draft the documents for your beneficiaries and then help them through the process of getting their property whether through the probate court or through a trust agreement. 

Attorneys also help strategize in a consultant capacity.  This may be to help setup a business, a billing and collection policy, or how to secure debts and obligations.  By reviewing your current contracts and making suggestions to improve or aid in licensing and purchasing agreements, you may get a new prospective with common issues in your field of business.  Deciding how to go forward when confronted with a difficult situation requires you to think through a problem.  Attorneys have been trained to work through a problem and do what is necessary to accomplish your goal or as close to that goal or result as may be possible given the facts.

An attorney will provide advice to help you make an informed decision.  We search through similar fact patterns when researching case law.  Counsel can help explain what happened with someone in a similar position.  In most instances, you will need to make the final decision on how to go forward. Your attorney will describe the process of any given case and provide you with options.  Once you make a decision on how to move forward, you will need to give counsel the discretion to achieve that result.  Counsel is required to follow rules of conduct and rules regarding procedure, all the while working to achieve your goal.  Although sometimes time consuming, counsel will need to follow certain protocols to get you the result requested.

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